Two Sequalians first to hit the 10 year mark for 2018

At Sequal, as you’ll know, we’re committed to giving more to our people, to our customers and our communities. But this week has been about honouring those a little closer to home. It’s been about acknowledging a couple of our team members who have been committed to the cause since they started on the exact same day 10 years ago – whom play important roles in our journey to give more every single day.

10 years service is an achievement certainly not to be scoffed at, and this week, we acknowledged and celebrated the work that Maihi Araroa and Rongo Puutu have put in over the past 10 years.

To recognize this contribution, they each planted native trees (Kauri and Pohutukawa) with named plaques in the entrance to our site to remind us all every day of the time and effort these guys have put in over the years. A huge congratulations must go to both of them for achieving this feat and contributing to the Sequal journey.

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