Third saw to be added to main saw line

In a previous blog I introduced our new world class treatment process, being implemented summer 2017. Another improvement to occur in the next few months is the introduction of a third saw box. Find out about the benefits of this new development here:

For packaging companies it will enable us to capture more of the core for our industrial cuts. This means more of our industrial lumber will be lighter and with less shorts.

For furniture customers it will ensure cut of log grades can be cut even further away from the core, as well as a shift to larger logs, which will provide a clear grade recovery improvement.

For Sequal there will be a number of planning and operational efficiencies as we currently undertake this third sawing process offline, as a secondary process.

There’s a lot of structural changes being made to our site to accommodate this change and other improvements also in plan. Involved in the works is Linck, Tui Technology and Lakeland Steel.

There are other changes being made this summer, more info to follow.

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