Shout out to our quiet achievers

One of the core values we live by ‘round here is to ‘never quit’. There’s a Maori proverb we’re familiar with which highlights the meaning of this quite nicely… Kaua e mate wheke. Me mate ururoa: Don’t die like an octopus, die like a hammerhead shark. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to grow and push ourselves further than we ever thought we could.

Our quiet achievers onsite are particularly great at demonstrating this core value – our extremely valuable maintenance team. Whilst the rest of the team get a break over the festive/summer season, these guys are slogging away on-site, doing the mahi to get the plant in tip-top shape for the year.

We’re grateful for their handy work and hard yards not only at this time of year, but throughout the whole year… so here’s to you guys and to 2019!

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