New logo marks the start of 100% dipping

This week at Sequal has been one we’ve been waiting for and one we cannot wait to share with our customers. Over the last 2 years Sequal has been working with Lonza, our key partner for wood protection, to develop the world’s best wood protection system. This has taken a lot of thought, years of testing and significant capital to deliver what we believe will be a significant improvement for you, our customers.

The changes are both in process and product. In terms of process we still spray every board with a chemical treatment as before, however, to ensure total confidence in our lumber, we will now also dip all green export product in a state of the art new treatment facility. We haven’t visited every sawmill in the world, but we are not aware of anyone else that is taking these measures in order to consistently deliver stain and mould free timber. We have also changed the chemicals we are using to treat our export timber.

For more than 5 years Lonza has been testing a new chemical treatment that has been proven to add 50% to the life of the timber, operate better under conditions of high humidity, as well as being safer for our operations team and better for the environment. The chemical uses pharmaceutical technology around encapsulation and this gives us the ability to engineer the release rate of the protection, by optimising the release rate of individual capsules. To say we are pumped would be an understatement and this is all part of our mission to give more to our customers.

How will you know that your product has been treated in the new way? All you need to look out for is the new Sequal logo. If it’s on your packets of timber then you can be confident that your product has been treated with our new product and process. There is another story we can’t wait to share with you around our logo and rebranding, but that’s a whole conversation in itself. For now, we just want to say a massive thanks to Lonza for partnering with us and helping us deliver a solution that will increase the longevity of our timber and ensure we are delivering on our mission to give more.

First Sequalite past the 10 year post

Exciting times in our neck of the woods this week celebrating Stuart Hazeldine’s 10 year anniversary working for Sequal. Stu has not only been an integral part of our team since 2007 but he continues to give more and more to the business in his Sales Manager role as time goes on. He has contributed a lot to the NZ timber industry for many years and is a great asset to our team.

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All praise too Maxim and Shenzhen Angel land

Shenzhen Angelland provides outstanding care for disabled children with cerebral palsy and their families. Maxim, who make a wide range of children’s wooden toys understand the importance of this community and supports the organisation each year with generous gifts. For Sequal, it’s an honour do our small part to support not only the organisation but partner with likeminded business who have a heart for the international community in which we live work and play in.
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Third saw to be added to main saw line

In a previous blog I introduced our new world class treatment process, being implemented summer 2017. Another improvement to occur in the next few months is the introduction of a third saw box. Find out about the benefits of this new development here:

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Exporters Support Anti-Trafficking Initiative

If you’re like me perhaps you thought slavery was dead. However, according to charitable organisation Nvader, there are more people in slavery than ever before in history with Sex trafficking earning criminals nearly 100 billion USD a year.

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New World Class Antisapstain Treatment

As New Zealand’s largest lumber exporter to markets like Korea, Sequal has always had an excellent partnership with Lonza in our anti-sap stain treatment process and over the summer of 2017, our continuous improvement partnership will upgrade this process even further.

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Radiation Pine Lumber – from New Zealand

Google doesn’t exist in China, it’s outlawed. Instead they have their own search engine called Baidu. When someone in China searches on Baidu for New Zealand Radiata Pine, more often than not they search for Radiation Pine. This is because when Chinese are taught english they learn the word Radiate as the Verb and are taught +tion as the Noun. Few people know Radiata, so instead, when they think of describing pine they naturally think they need to use the noun of Radiate, which of course, is Radiation.

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Introducing Pith Free Industrial (PFIND)

We are pleased to introduce our new grade; Pith Free Industrial (PFIND). Following the development of our new kilns and the expansion of our kiln dried market, this grade has been created for customers who use the knots and prefer less dead knots.

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Searching to save our customers money – by walking the Line

Our customers are growing numerous wood based industries across the globe. They are on the forefront of product and service innovation and are working diligently to grow sustainable and profitable enterprise. Together we are a partner in this endeavour and one of the ways we help our customers is by walking their factory line. It’s a simple step that has huge benefits…

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Sequal Lumber now FSC 100%

As of July 1st 2016 Sequal Lumber moved from being rated FSC MIXED to FSC 100%. This change has been driven by our customers need to use sustainably grown lumber in order to keep and open up new markets.

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