Proud Partnerships

At Sequal, we are committed to continuous improvement, growing our people and consistently bringing our Give More mantra to life. In order to achieve and progress this, we have introduced to the business 3 pillars of development and have been blown away by our partners who are helping us bring these pillars to life.

The three focus areas of development/training are; Lean, Design Thinking and Leadership.

With the aim of driving our LEAN focus in the business, we have partnered with INTENT Group to identify ways in which we can eliminate waste from the manufacturing process.

For Design Thinking, we partner with Better By Design to promote problem-solving and innovation amongst our people, to get a greater understanding of our customer’s needs and to create new value by design – not by chance.

Last but not least, we have partnered Dale Carnegie to support our leadership pillar of development. The Dale Carnegie course maintains that employees at all levels who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to their organizations should attend – and to say that we’re impressed is an understatement!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a complete transformational change in our Maintenance Manager, Harry Hewson. He’s been attending the course and it is clear that he’s got maximum value out of it. We’re really proud to have him on our team and witness the changes he is making to his own personal ways – in terms of leadership, approachability, communication, vision and inspiration to name a few. Haz is an incredibly vital part of the Sequal team and we have no doubt that his newly learned skills and leadership will assist him in influencing others in the future.

A huge thanks must go to the Bay of Plenty branch of Dale Carnegie for their continued partnership and the time and effort they put in to growing people to master the capabilities demanded not only in their work, but ones they can also employ in their everyday lives. We look forward to seeing many more transformations in the future.

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