A prime example of going over and above

As the great Henry Ford once said:
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

This definitely rings true for us. We’re all about working symbiotically and creating great authentic partnerships with people who share our values and are keen to come along for the journey.

A great example of this for us is NZTE… a great team of people doing a fantastic job helping us out as NZ exporters. We are truly grateful to have contact with, and such incredible support from, a number of the NZTE team both on-shore and abroad.

Recently NZTE Vietnam moved into a brand new office in Ho Chi Minh City so naturally we all chipped in to make sure the team there got a space they could be proud of… which also gave us a chance to showcase NZ pine. Early feedback is that it results in “a very welcoming ambiance from New Zealand”. They’ve even mounted the Vietnam and New Zealand maps on one of the walls!

The immense support and the tireless work they do to “give more” is one thing – but now they’re going above and beyond and doing a great job in showcasing NZ pine to the world. It’s already looking pretty cool in photos… but can imagine it looks even more epic in person. Nice work team!

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