How our partners are helping us give more…

At Sequal we’re committed to giving more… to our people, to our partners and to the future.

In a world where we rely on others to support our customers’ needs, we simply cannot give more to our customers without key partners. By gaining a mutual understanding of our partners’ needs and getting to know, and further grow, each other’s businesses, we collectively make a commitment to minimise waste throughout the entire value stream.

One way in which we’re doing this is collaborating with our suppliers using the design thinking process to promote problem solving and innovation so that we can eliminate waste throughout all of our businesses.

Recently we held a collaborative session with ISO and K&S, our stevedoring and trucking partners, and the Sequal team really enjoyed getting to know our mates a little better. It created an opportunity to further understand why we all do what we do and empathise with the inefficiencies we create for their business’. As a result of the sessions, we’ve implemented some simple changes that consequently have an impact for all involved.

A special thanks and shout out must go to our partners, ISO and K&S, for their support and willingness to participate in these sessions. We are truly privileged to have such great partners on our team and are grateful for the time and effort they put into our business, helping us give more to our customers each and every day.

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