Partners of the BNZ kind doing incredible things for our people…

At Sequal, we believe you grow by giving, not taking. Every day we take it upon ourselves to explore ways in which we can be giving more to our people, our customers and the future. We ALL need to be giving more in order to achieve the growth we seek, whether it be as individuals or a collective.

We’ve got a pretty staunch view on partnerships ‘round here and we’re huge believers in building relationships for the long-term. That’s why aligning ourselves with people who share our views and values is super high on our priority list.

Authenticity is everything for us and we believe that the only way you can achieve authenticity is through walking the talk. It’s no wonder then that ‘own your actions’ is one of our core values and when we look for businesses to partner with, this is one of our non-negotiables.

For us, an authentic partnership is epitomized by our relationship with BNZ Partners. They do a great job of role modeling what true partnership should look like, their accountability is second to none and it feels like they genuinely care. BNZ have given our people the opportunity to undergo financial health checks and have been providing independent financial advice, which is having an incredible impact on our team. Their “can-do” attitude is significantly helping our people by getting them thinking about how they spend their money and addressing the possibility of owning their own homes – something that many felt was not immediately achievable before now.

A huge thanks to the BNZ, and in particular to Tim Newby from the Whakatane branch, for going over and above with our staff – the feedback we’ve been getting is epic and this is a real testament to you! Looking forward to cracking on and seeing what’s possible in the near future.

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