About Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine

is a medium density softwood that’s suitable for a wide variety of applications including packaging, temporary construction and furniture.

  • Ideal for interior and exterior applications
  • Has a consistent, even texture
  • Has good resistance to splitting and accepts nails well
  • Can be treated for all Hazard Class applications from H1 to H6
  • Is easy to treat with anti-sapstain chemical, Boron, ACQ or CCA
How does Radiata Pine compare?

Machining tests show that Radiata Pine compares favourably with other internationally traded timbers like:

  • Douglas Fir
  • Yellow Poplar
  • Western Hemlock
  • Ponderosa Pine

Radiata Pine Information

Extensive scientific research into New Zealand Radiata Pine species has provided an excellent understanding of how wood quality can be maximised by a combination of genetic selection and silvicultural practices.

Radiata Pine Properties
Texture and Appearance

Minimal variation between spring and summer wood within a growth ring confers excellent machining, staining, and painting properties. In addition the composition of predominately white sapwood means that there is little colour variation between pieces which is an advantage for finishing of products. A broad range of interior and exterior stains, oils, varnishes and paints may be used on New Zealand pine. The absence of high concentrations of extractives prevents any incompatibility with finishes and eliminates the need for special primers. A very high standard of finishing can be obtained. The wood can be stained to resemble a wide range of traditional timber species.


New Zealand pine has unique properties among the world’s wood species in that total treatment of sapwood is always achievable. It is very amenable to manipulation of preservative treatment processes, which are environmentally acceptable and give a consistent standard of treatment. For exterior uses New Zealand pine can be adequately treated by pressure impregnation, double vacuum and simple immersion methods. LOSP treatments are very successful for joinery. Strict hazard class specifications, allow the New Zealand industry to give service life guarantees for external use products.


Radiata pine grown in New Zealand

is adaptable to a broad range of uses. Comprehensive testing has revealed that it has machining properties (cross-cutting, turning, planing, moulding, boring, sanding) are equal or superior to many of the internationally traded softwoods. Fast growth does not adversely affect its working properties and good results can be obtained with all types of hand and machine tools. A combination of uniform medium density and even texture result in a good resistance to splitting which enables the use of nailing in addition to screws and other jointing systems. Low extractive’s content also allow the achievement of sound glued connections i.e. dowels and finger-joints. The uses of New Zealand Radiata pine include: – Structural building – Industrial construction – Pallets & packaging – Interior fittings and fixtures – windows, doors, frames, moldings, cabinetry etc – Lamination – MDF, ply etc .

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