Hats off to Bluelight

At Sequal, we believe we have an inherent obligation to give more to the future. Our view is there’s no better way to give more to the future than to support the young people in our region to achieve things they never thought possible, and we believe, as a business, we have a role to play in supporting youth with identifying and taking advantage of opportunities presented.

Recently, we teamed up with Kawerau Blue Light to support young people in our community. Blue Light are a Police initiative hugely passionate about young people. They aim to reduce the incidence of young people becoming offenders or victims of crime and encourage better relations among the police, young people, parents and the community.

With branches throughout the country, they collectively set about organising a variety of supervised cultural, social, sporting and educational activities for young people in an alcohol, drug, and violence-free environment – what champions!

A couple of weeks ago for our second Give More Day of the year, we teamed up with Kawerau Blue Light to take a bunch of young people to the Whakapapa Ski Field for the day. Give More days were introduced at Sequal for two reasons; to give us all a chance to go out and contribute to the community and help us to better understand the challenges our team face daily.

This time ‘round our team had the privilege of sharing the day with 25 young people as they took to the slopes for skiing lessons and snow toboganning. Alot of fun was had and plenty of lessons were learnt… on our part! Bring on next year!

If we can play our part in helping others to succeed, then we’re achieving what we set out to achieve – to give more. We ALL need to be giving more in order to achieve the growth we seek, whether it be as individuals or a collective. Hats off to Blue Light for the incredible work they’re doing to support young people throughout the country and particularly to Kawerau Blue Light for the contribution closer to home.

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