Our purpose and belief statements – The Give More mantra

You may have noticed the new words under our logo – Give More – and we can assure you, there’s a very good reason for their existence.

After much deliberation and thought around the foundations of who we are as a business, we set upon a journey of building our new brand from the inside out. We wanted to communicate the real reason we do what we do, so one of the first things we established was our purpose. And the final product…

“Our purpose is to challenge, transform and give more to the future through wood.”

Since locking this purpose down, as a team we’re clear on why we do what we do and we’ve set about bringing our Give More mantra to life – it’s a promise we live to fulfil every day.

The three pillars of Give More are represented in the three bars of our logo and our beliefs around those pillars go a little like this…

Grow by Giving – We believe growth is achieved through giving. The pie is not fixed; it expands and contracts based on the relationships within it. If you can grow others, there will be a flow on effect. We believe in building partnerships based on relationships not transactions and our focus is to give more to our suppliers, give more to our people, and give more to the communities we live in.

Give more than wood – We want to have a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs because ultimately, we do what we do for them – so we need to make sure what we’re delivering is what they need. We focus on eliminating our customers’ waste which is why we provide custom-cut lumber, delivered just in time.

Give more to the future – We believe we all have an obligation to give more to the future. For us, this means contributing to our communities and supplying renewable resources that are sustainably harvested in 100% FSC certified forests. We need to create a balance, give back to the environment and pave the way for generations to come so that we can fulfil our obligation to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

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