Exporters Support Anti-Trafficking Initiative

If you’re like me perhaps you thought slavery was dead. However, according to charitable organisation Nvader, there are more people in slavery than ever before in history with Sex trafficking earning criminals nearly 100 billion USD a year.

A number of Bay of Plenty export related companies have decided to support Nvader’s fight for freedom and invite other exporters to join them.

Nvader’s approach to trafficking is not just about rescuing the enslaved, but also prosecuting the traffickers. Nvader’s own investigators and lawyers work alongside local law enforcement and prosecutors to see the traffickers prosecuted and put in jail. This is in addition to providing the necessary support for victims while they go through the court process.

Yet the credit for every victim rescued and every perpetrator apprehended and convicted goes to local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.  Nvader’s contribution remains largely anonymous.

So far, TPT Forests, ISO Limited and Sequal Lumber have all captured Nvaders vision and have committed to collaboratively support Nvaders anti trafficking work in Thailand. They invite others to do the same.

As Liam Dickson of ISO says; “We are in the business of moving stuff around and the fact that slaves are also still being moved around the around the world is unacceptable. By supporting Nvader we can help them not only rescue victims of trafficking, but also ensure the traffickers are prosecuted.”

We invite you to join the fight for freedom. Contact Rhys Arrowsmith for more details.






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