Sequal Lumber is New Zealand’s largest lumber exporter to Korea and a leading exporter to the rest of Asia.

This has been achieved by providing lumber that is custom cut to order and the benefits are simple:

Industrial manufacturers buying standard sizes can profit through small size reductions in a range that reduces product cost whilst maintaining strength and stability.

Even a 1-2mm size reduction can have a big cost benefit.

Furniture manufacturers can benefit by buying lumber closer in dimension to their end use which reduces processing waste.

Our cutting accuracy makes this a consistently profitable strategy for efficiency focused manufacturers around the world.

When you partner with Sequal you are working with a supplier that will help you strip waste out of your supply chain. And we’ll do so with a cost effective and renewable type of lumber (Radiata Pine) that doesn’t split, is good to cut, easy to nail, and absorbs treatment well.

Simply put, we’ll give you want you need, not what we want.

When you buy from Sequal we guarantee to be your most valuable supplier. Part of this guarantee is fulfilled right here, in the custom cutting of sizes that are optimized for your factory, not ours.