Another valued partnership – this one’s a biggy… a 10 year biggy!

We’re huge believers in long-term relationships. That’s why building longstanding partnerships with those who share the same values and outlook as us is uber high on our priority list. We understand that people are such a valuable asset for any company… which makes those who have been along for a significant part of our journey even more precious!

As we reflect on the past 10 years, our partnership with Ivor Wilson and Karaka Electrical is a great example of a valuable partnership built on reliability and trust – and what’s more, they’ve been with us since the beginning! With Ivor at the helm, it’s with no doubt that we see a few of our core values shining through – ‘work hard, stay humble’ and ‘be straight up’ are the first that come to mind!

It was a privilege to take some time out as a team to acknowledge Karaka Electrical and honour Ivor for his reliability and resilience over the past ten years… partnerships like this are hard to top!

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