Some amazing young leaders on our back door step

Giving more to the future for us not only encompasses sustainability in an environmental sense, but also an obligation to support the sustainability of our region from a people perspective. We believe we, as a business, have a role to play in growing and supporting the young people in our region to achieve things they never thought they could.

In doing this, we partner with the Decision Reach Out (Toro Mai) Trust who are an incredible example of an initiative set up to help enable youth to achieve their potential.

Founded in 1985, the trust are hugely passionate about creating leadership opportunities for youth in our communities and thus send a group of deserving students twice a year to the Hillary Outdoors Programme in the Tongariro National Park. The benefits of these experiences can help students acquire skills for their everyday lives, working with the environment and in their communities.

Our friends at Tarawera High School are privileged enough to have their head and deputy prefects take part in these trips every year to bring them closer together as a leadership unit and help them with their own personal development. Year on year the feedback we get is about the strong friendships that were formed and the amazing experiences that were had.

What a phenomenal job Decision Reach Out (Toro Mai) Trust do to bring these opportunities to our promising young leaders to help enhance their futures. We’re super inspired by the work that they do and grateful to be a part of it.

Looking forward to hearing about the highlights (and possible challenges) the students encountered this week!

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