Own your actions and set the bar high!

We believe that encouraging teams to achieve their full potential and be accountable for their actions should be central to any organisation – which is why at Sequal we stand by our values to ‘Work Hard, Stay Humble’ and ‘Own Your Actions’.

One of our own whom are truer than true to these values is ‘Taz’ Takirau. Taz came to us as an operator in 2014 and since then has proved time and time again why he is so valuable for us. His work ethic and attitude are second to none – this was noticed early in the piece by the Maintenance Manager who “poached” him from the Op’s team for his own.

Taz has taken on this change in workload like a champ consistently using his initiative, demonstrating great leadership and embracing responsibility. We’re super proud that he’s now got hold of the reigns and decided he wants to become a full qualified fitter so will be head down tail up with his upskilling for the next couple of years.

Taz is tackling an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering – General Engineering Level 4 – and hopes to smash it out of the park in 2 and a half years (faster than the recommended 3+ years).

So here’s to you mate – we’re with you all the way, go ace it! Look forward to seeing you grow so you’ll not only be owning your actions but also well and truly owning your job and teaching us all a thing or two in the future!

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